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trying to get a tv going, but need help with the cord.


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I figure i ask you guys this:)



I found a old sony trinitron 30xbr910 siting out with a stand looks in good shape, But someone cut the wire off,

Now maybe because it doesn't work and they wanted the wire for copper or it does work and they just don't want anyone having a working tv, Or its too dam heavy and they didn't want to take it with them because i think they moved lol


But i figure i take a gamble because this a pretty good crt tv that's 1080i hd.



I already spice the wires and i have a wire for it but the colors kinda have me confuse there's a black one and a white one,


I did look on the net and it says white is ground and black is always hot and the bigger end on the wall socket end is ground and the smaller is hot.


But i wanted to fully make sure that so i figure i ask you guys:)



Hopefully this is the right selection to post this at.



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Never mind the white for ground and black for hot was right and worked, Just the tv has a problem 6 blinking light which needs repaired, But its fixable by soldering 2 ic chips in. I most likely will repair this one sense its a trinitron lol

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