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Will this work?

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Don't want to waste time and money if it's going to be more headache than it's worth. If there will be compatibility issues (specifically with RAM) then I don't know what to do.


Can get this mobo for $10 from a guy I know from my old neighborhood



Can get this CPU for $5 on eBay



Currently have this RAM (only DDR2 I have on hand)



Don't know about CPU cooler.. I've got a couple of good all copper ones that I was using on s478 CPUs (1 AVC and 1 Scythe) but I have no clue if those could be used on a 775. Aside from that I've got a stock AMD (AVC) one from my Phenom X4. Thinking I'll have to buy a 775 one... can get a standard Cooler Master one on eBay for $10.


My concern about the RAM is due to what I see at Intel site for board specs:



It says 1.8v only (mine are 2.0v) and timings with CL 5 or 6 but mine are 4-4-3-10

Total I'd be spending about $25-30 right there and that's really all I can spare right now, and that will end up leaving my PayPal account with ~$1 afterwards.


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ordered a gigabyte ga-8ig1000 pro-g from ebay for $14. paid on march 28... expected delivery was april 2-4 and it still has not yet arrived. i have a whole $5 left in my paypal account so no chance of buying anything else. just contacted seller.. looks like im covered by ebay buyer protection though so could get a refund.


so not like anyone would care or anything.. but this is what i ordered from ebay since it was all i could afford.




i will most likely never even see the thing though.... dont care either

i cant deal with anymore of this :filtered: life. better to just kill myself now

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I see it marked that I paid on March 28 and it shows to have shipped on March 29. Problem is I don't have any working computer of my own at all right now. Makes it near impossible to keep warch on changes that may show online. Been using my dad's laptop a bit just to check on things. It's a nightmare cause the thing is completely trashed, half the keys hardly work. Think he said it's just under 2 years old. Dell Inspiron with 8GB DDR3 and a Intel Core i5 (quad core I think). CPU keeps getting stuck at 100% load. Probably something yo do with my idiot brother spilled something all over in a drug induced stupor (he likes to pop handfulls of Xanax and drink them down with booze).


Still debating what to do with the Asus M4N78 Pro mobo I have that refuses to POST. Everthing on it gets power, fans will spin, CPU heatsink even gets hot.. but no beeps and display to any onboard video port nor to any PCIe GPU either. Im starting to hate nVidia chipsets as much as I hate Intel chipsets.

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Asus board has been taken care of. Couldn't get it working and it :filtered: me off to the point I smashed it up.


Still nothing on the Gigabyte board I ordered from ebay, opened a case and the seller doesn't seem to care. Looks like I'll be requesting a refund and have to hope I can find something else for just as cheap. Getting so fed up and aggravated here.


Details from ebay:



If the seller doesn't respond or if you aren't satisfied with the seller's response to your request by Apr 15, 2014, please let us know. On that date, you can escalate your case to eBay Customer Support. A customer support agent will then review your case and get back to you with a decision within 48 hours.
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Well after a 3 week wait the Gigabyte board finally got here.... and it DOESN'T work.

Gets power just fine but NO beep or POST. No display via AGP card or onboard VGA. Left it powered on for a few and started getting a smell of overheated something. Some capacitors in the VRM circuit (adjacent to the CPU were hot when I touched them). Northbridge heatsink also got rather warm as well.


Since the listing had a description saying that it was tested and works fine, guess I have make a 2nd complaint. False advertising this time. I better be able to get a refund cause this is rediculous.

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