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verizon help question

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does anyone have any clue how i can get help with my verizon online acct.?

it was locked a few years back and no matter what i do i can not access it.

it tells me change acct sec # which i have done at least 5x, then it says i must change password , when i get the phone help options there is only option to change voice mail access #.

i cant even sign on or register with verizon community forums because i asks for phone#, then tells me password is invalid, again i go to phone help and only get option to change voice mail access #, which i did, still not allowed to register.


i am so frustrated now as i have 4 pages of notes of different security codes, passwords and none of them work, i need to email or talk to someone.

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i have tried that and havent got anywhere yet.

only phone menus still.

waiting one hour + for "they call you instead".

tomorrow i am going to verizon store,

if that doesnt work i will have my housemate who is visually handicapped and has direct handicap # to call for me.

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