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Faxing with the Computer


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Hey everyone...do I absolutely need a fax modem or somehow can I fax with the hardware I have...I'm hooked up with a Time Warner router and modem...my phone line goes into the modem...I tried faxing with the "Windows fax and Scan" program" (I do have a separate scanner) but it said it couldn't connect, no dial tone..Thanks!!

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to send faxes from your pc you need to be on a dial up internet connection, your not, sounds like your on a dsl internet connection.

different hardware/modems used to connect you to the internet and faxing will only work with the older slower type dial up modem.


without buying/installing a dialup fax modem you really only have 1 option from my understanding and that is to use a 3rd party to send the fax for you.

no idea on costs or whether some are free so can't recommend any but there are a few out there so a quick google search should hep you find one.


personally if your sending a lot of faxes (unlikely) then i'd suggest buying a dedicated fax machine.


see if this link helps. :- http://www.howtogeek.com/168841/how-to-send-and-receive-faxes-online-without-a-fax-machine-or-phone-line/



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