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Does anyone use iTunes with linux?


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I would like to know if anyone has used iTunes successfully with linux. If so, what do you recommend I should do ?


I read a couple of posts on the Mint forum , it seems like there's a lot of issues with getting it to run smoothly. I was wondering if it's worth the trouble to try to get it working.


I was recently given a new iPhone as a gift , now I'm wondering if I should just install it on my windows partition of my dual boot laptop instead of trying to get it working by installing Wine and then trying to set it up that way.


Any feedback on what others have tried would be welcomed,



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Dagnabit, bb! Why do you always have to be so damn snide?

And Sanford, you ain't gettin no help round here less you bring your son. It's Sanford & Son, ya big dummy!


Hell, I'm just funnin with yous. Check my newest thread, I must be the biggest dummy of all y'alls. :mrgreen:

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