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Blu Ray & openSUSE


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I am helping a friend ditch XP and move onto openSUSE.


He's still not sure about the move so I have installed SUSE 13.1 (64 bit) on a spare drive so he can dual boot and play.


I've got all his old peripherals up and running but can't get his Blu Ray player to do anything...it will read the data and dolphin will let me explore the file structure, but if I try to play in VLC or any other media player it just errors - Tried several different movies and all go the same way.


Have installed packman repo.....


Not sure what to do next??



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have you installed libdvdcss? don't think it's used for blu ray but will be needed for dvd's.


don't have any experience with blu ray but from my understanding vlc does play them but you need to add 2 files.




these may also help you :-









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been doing a bit more research on this and i think the first thing i'd do is install vlc's repo and then install these 3 things.





links explain them :-






if you run into any playback problems like stuttering, make sure you are using hardware acceleration as explained in earlier arch link.


if still no playback then it seems makemkv can be used to convert or stream the blu ray so you can watch it, again no experience with makemkv either but here's more links.





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Cheers Terry.

Won't see him till the weekend; but will give it a go. Don't want to leave him high and dry; so need to make sure everything is running a smooth as possible before we go for the full install.

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Nigel, why not setup Team Viewer for remote access and work on it that way. That might remove the time barrier and allow you to get him on his feet sooner.


Normally would; but I'm working away this week; not allowed to install or run any 'unauthorised' software on my company laptop (already been warned for running the non-install version) and only have it on my phone; useful for retrieving files off my home pc...but a nightmare trying to do any serious work on the S3s little screen!

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