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Unsubscribe from All Email Lists at Once With Unroll.me


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Unsubscribe from All Email Lists at Once With Unroll.me

Does Unroll.me Work With All Email Providers?

Since it’s still a pretty new service, Unroll.me doesn’t work with every single email provider in existence right now. At this time, only Gmail, MSN, Yahoo and AOL are compatible, but you can sign up with Unroll.me to be notified when more email service providers are added.

It’s free to use, but after you press the minus sign on more than a few email list subscriptions, you’ll be asked to promote the service by tweeting a link, posting it to Facebook, or send out an email if you want to unsubscribe from more lists.

Some people may find it annoying to send out the tweet or Facebook post or email, but the least you can do is help promote it for being such an awesome (and very helpful) free service at this point.


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