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I started to use my HP scanjet G4050 yesterday which I had not used in over a year. I could not get the software to recognize the scanner.


After an hour or so of trying to fix the problem I decided to re-install the program - from both the CD and the file I downloaded from HP, when I click "install" I get an icon of a spinning disc for a few seconds and then the "access is denied" message.


HP support came into my computer and after about 45 minutes of troubleshooting said that something in my computer was blocking the CD and file. He even tried to download another FTP file and it would not let him download it.


I have ran PCMatic and CCleaner and still have the problem.


I am using Bitdefender and have put the items that come up with its program to off - antivirus, firewall and update - but when I load the CD Bitdenfender's total security still runs a complete scan of the files on the CD. The only way I know of to get to BD is to fill out their form and wait - I have been waiting all day with no reply as yet.


Could this be something in PCMatic? If so - or not - any suggestions as to what is going on and how to fix it?


Tks for the help - jb

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There is nothing in PC Matic that should be interfering with the installation. PC Matic only runs when you tell it to, so there are no background programs running that could cause the issue , either. Your account is showing that the SuperShield real time protection is not installed, so that rules SuperShield out, as well.


My suggestion would be to uninstall Bitdefender completely then try installing the printer program again. If it now installs, I would recommend activating the SuperShield antimalware program that came with PC Matic rather than reinstalling Bitdefender.

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The short answer is yes.


Most competing security products provide protection through a 'suite' of applications, which basically means that there are numerous running processes to provide protection for the web browser, email client, phishing attacks, viruses, etc. Each item on the computer that is protected uses a process specific to that item.


PC Matic provides a comprehensive malware scan and removal process as well as providing SuperShield, which prevents suspicious items from executing on the computer in the first place. It does not matter if the item comes as an email attachment, a link embedded in a web page, a drive-by download, etc, SuperShield will prevent the malware from being able to execute on the computer without the user's specific permission.


There is more information about SuperShield here: http://www.pcpitstop.com/store/supershield_info.asp

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