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Will Ubuntu's Unity 8 be more of a success than Window's Metro


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Will Unity 8 be a success? Is all Linux going to follow the lead of Ubuntu with the idea of a one size fits all operating system? It is almost as if they were thinking that Microsoft was on to something with Windows 8 and its Metro interface.

"One of the longer-term Ubuntu goals is to provide a fully convergent cross-platform operating environment, from the mobile phone form factor through tablets, netbooks, notebooks, desktops, and workstations to the big screen television entertainment system experience."

Unity 8

Detailed Review of Ubuntu Touch 14.04 with Mir display and Unity 8 on Nexus 4

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No it will not be a success, and no other distros will not follow, because Ubuntu isn't "leading" anything, they are alienating people. In fact many are distancing themselves from the lame interface.

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No it will not be a success,

don't know about that, might work well on mobile phones, no video player app at the moment and no android app support is a big drawback i'd say for the phone.


as to other distro's "following" like bruce said, nope. :D


to be honest i don't even know of another distro that wants to take on google and android and break into the phones and tablet market at the moment.



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