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I've tried and tried everything I can think of and just can't get my Asus M4N78 Pro board working. It gets power (standby LED lights up), system and CPU fans spin up and CPU & cooler get hot. There is never any display though from any of the onboard video outputs (VGA, DVI, HDMI) and even tried a PCI-e GPU and no display from that either. At power up there are NO beeps at all, think there should be just 1 short beep to indicate proper POST. So I have given up with this board, just going to say the GeForce 8300 chipset is fried. Asus wants $200 to repair it, that would buy me a brand new mobo/cpu combo and no way would I pay them after they screwed me out of the last 2-3 months worth of warranty the board had.


Well, I've got a friend who is going to give me a working 2nd hand socket AM2+/AM3 board that he no longer uses. Either this weekend or next weekend I'll have that and it should run just fine with my Phenom X4 9550 and DDR2-800. He might even throw in a GPU as well.

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Well my friend sent over wifi adapter as he promised. Now just waiting on mobo so I can put it all together.

Probably won't be enough to do a whole lot, but I've got 2GB DDR2-800 for system RAM.


These are the RAM



And the CPU (have stock cooler for it as of now)






Asus USB-N13



Should have the rest set to go by next weekend at the latest. Can take more pics too and show what I've got.

Most likely I'll be running OpenSuSE KDE. Do I need to have a minimum of 4GB RAM for a 64 bit OS? Or can I run the 64 bit OS with only the 2GB of RAM?

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Well my friend found all the accessories from the board he was going to give me, but he thinks that he may have sold it months ago. This would have been the board:



So now that won't happen... in all honesty, I have no clue if my problem here is the Asus board has a fried chipset or the CPU is the problem. Really have no clue what to do now.


To make matters worse, I now have NO working computer at all. My AOpen P4 board finally died, no idea what happened but it's not getting any power at all. Still had the ASRock P4i65G setup as a backup and it too has stopped working. No idea what when wrong there since I haven't even used it at all in 6 months, haven't even touched it. Now it gets power but won't POST.. fans will spin up but not even any beep code either.


This is the ASRock board:



I got about 6 socket 478 CPUs and more than enough components to assemble at least 2 machines. But I have NO more motherboards to work with. Guess I'll have to try getting over to the local pawn shop and see how much it will cost me for a used machine, or maybe if I can get over to the Chicago Free Geek even. Until then.. sorry guys.

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Completely lost here...

Someone from my old neighborhood has a decent motherboard, but it's a socket 775. I don't have any 775 CPUs on hand. Got everything else needed though.

Been searching everywhere for anything I can get for free or cheap (I have no problem paying a little something for an older used board). People are so greedy.... $75+ for a used AM2+ board and $60+ for a used s478 board.

Though, I did find 1 intel s478 board on eBay for $10. But it didn't have any SATA ports and I have only SATA HDD.


Nevermind... nothing ever works out.... better off putting my money towards moving clear out of this greedy, war mongering country.

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Well looks like nevermind. I won't be folding ever again because I'm out of hardware and have no money at all. Humanity disgusts me by puttingmore value in money than heath and living. I hope all people get wiped out by another plague or something similar.


These guys are dead right with this one!!


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your a happy chappy aren't you justin.


your posts always make me smile, your enthusiastic charismatic bright fun loving care free personality always shines through and brightens my day every time i read one.


so thought i'd post a quick thank you, for making my day again. :clap:



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Sarcasm? (just checking)


sorry, I honestly don't know what "bright, happy, cheery,etc." means. I only know darkness and betrayal and hatred. I'm stuck living in a country that refuses to let it's people earn fair wages, can't afford $40B for food stamps so people won't starve to death but have no problem finding $700B to enlarge the military another 100x than it needs to be. My family is currently being forced into a crappy situation by DCFS (Department of Child and Family Services).. they claim my brother and his girlfriend are beating their kids and want to tell us all how toraise them the "right way".. even though not one of them has any children of their own.


top that off with my other brother getting arrested for DUI ( yeah his own problem, I know) but he keeps coming home OD'ed on Xanax and booze. Mom and dad refuse to throw him out cause they are affraid of him... he's threatened to blow up or even burn down the house to kill all of us on numerous occassions. not like that matters, this house is on the verge of collapsing at any given time. bank has no problem demanding money that we don't have to pay for the house.. but they have nothing to say when we show the how bad the structural support is and ask for help to fix it.


all the while there are millions of churches that providing "a service" and never pay a cent in taxes to help out the communities they are brainwashing.

so what is there to be happy or cheery about?


to keep on subject with this subforum.. Ive never had any problem with keeping fah running on my CPU 24/7. but when my hard fries and I have no money to buy more then what? all the while corporations (the only ones who do have any money) spend it on nothing but garbage advertising telling me to rush out and buy that which I can not afford because they refuse to pay fairly. but no problem for them to 8 figure salary for sitting around looking stupid?


I'll be happy/cheery the day soeone grows a brain and puts all the greedy rich idiots in prison.. where they belong. OH, and shut down Wall Street!!! And grow up and stop the wars... no need for military, bombs and guns.

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I just read your sig. America is terrorist #1? Where did this come from? Did you see what happened on 9/11? Did you see men and women jumping off WTC buildings so they wouldn't burn to death? That was terrorism! How dare you equate us to those fanatics? If you feel that way, why don't you go somewhere where those views are appreciated? If you don't like America, leave. I'll even start up a collection to send you somewhere you can train for Jihad. And I for one am ashamed to have you on the Pitstop f@h team. We are about caring, and giving to mankind. Call that terrorism!!

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