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Had phone conversation with CB for about a half hour this evening they waited until four pm to let him know they would not be doing the procedure on him today. They finely brought him something to eat at that. They should do the job tomorrow and he feels as if they might let him go home on Thursday, anyway he hopes so will just have to see. He sends his best to the Pit family and thanks you all for your well wishes, as do I.

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Was talking with CB while typing this he is in good sprites and talking as good as can be. They are talking about bypass surgery Saturday or Tuesday after they test his lungs to insure they are strong enough for the ventilator.

They are talking about cutting channels in his muscles to give new veins places to grow.

He gave me permission to post his real name and hospital information so if any want to call him and relive some of his boredom please do so.


John McWilliam

Room # 438


Olathe Medical Center
20333 W. 151st St.
Olathe, KS 66061

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I talked with him a little last night. He seems in pretty good spirits. He's bored as he doesn't have his wife or his electronics with him. He's put himself in the doctors hands and is patiently waiting for them to figure out what they're going to do to him.


Pray on!

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While you're in there, are ya gonna get some new parts, caintry?


Maybe they can water-cool your old hard-working CPU. :)


All the best to ya, my friend.


We're all counting on you to get yourself back here.


:) Y

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