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caintry boy


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Our good friend caintry boy had a heart attack and is in the Olathe Medical Center hospital with a 50% chance to live.
He has two arteries from his heart with blockage and is not a good candent for open heart surgery. They ran the balloon thing on him and he is in ICU at this time.
CB is one of the best people you would ever want to meet as most of you know.
That is all the info I have at this time hope to get more when his wife calls again.
Will keep everyone posted when I get more information...

Keep good thoughts going out to him, it has been my honor to call him my close friend and brother.

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The honor is all mine brother Guns, I could not ask for better friend than you have been.You folks should know that my Brother there did 3, yes 3 tours in Vietnam and was injured numerous times. He is the sort of man that I'm proud to call my friend and he hangs out with a host of Veterans just like himself. I love him to no end.

Now, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and no, I'm not checking out yet, my friend JESUS is here watching over me.

Y'all are like my family and I love y'all.






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As all can tell CB is too stubborn to go anywhere soon unless it's back home to his family.
Talked with him last night and he sounds so much better and one of my club Brothers after visiting him called me up, said he looked night and day way better than the day before when visiting him.

Now CB you know way more about me that any man should. Yes Vietnam did leave a few to many holes in me.

Love you my Brother still hit my knees every morning and night. Just getting harder to get up off of them.

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