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Dsl Pictures Problem

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I finally got DSL. YES! Oh, it feels great, now my only problem is....a lot of times, some websites, the pictures won't show up, I get all those boxes with the X on them, and even if I right-click and click show picture, or reload the webpage, they still won't show up. This happening to anyone else? Or is there anyway to tweak it? Appreciate the help, thanks guys/girls. :help:

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Sorry for the double post. Also, I asked a bellsouth tech, and he said that it was my computers problem, apparently I have to change something in my settings, I just have no idea what. It's just regular pictures or icons that don't show up, and they used to show up when I used my dial-up, just now they don't show up even after I reset the internet options and reset the cache and all that. Any ideas?

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