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Sunday funnies........

Y kawika

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Some Fathers Day...


I was just sitting in a recliner. Naked.  Watching one of my favorite movies.  Eating ice cream and doritos.  Just relaxing and minding my own business.


Then some jerk at Walmart called the cops.☹️

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FINA, while an actual word, in this context, it's slang for fixing to or about to do X.


So, you know your credit sucks, but the car salesman says "we're fixin to see". 

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Got it.

All of my relatives are from Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, or Oklahoma - so I'm completely conversant with "fixin" as meaning "getting ready to" or "about to".  I also understand that "ginna" = gonna.  Fina is a new one to me.  I supposed I should have been able to figure it out...but I just couldn't seem to put the pieces together.




Here is an interesting video, that seems obvious to me as every expression in here is used regularly with the people around me (except for "catty cornered".  We say "kitty cornered".) and we are in the NorthWest rather than the south.


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