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Sunday funnies........

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LG has begun marketing its new ULTRA HD TV.

To demonstrate the realism of ULTRA HD they conducted sham job interviews in Chile with an ULTRA-TV replacing an office window in a high rise.

Watch the applicants’ reactions as the TV portrays a meteor striking the city.


The realism of it all is just breathtaking.


:) Y

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invalid,8,sum,product or pi?.


don't get it myself tomk, so be grateful if you or someone can explain it to me.




ok i got it.


"i ate some pie" and it was delicious.





because it was on a cup i thought it must mean some type of drink. :laughing:

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:) Y




Always wondered what some of the kids we see nowadays that wear the pants/shorts with the crotch down past their knees would do if they ever had to run...anywhere??







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