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Xbox 360 Notifications...help!


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My son has a Xbox360 and a Nokkia Windows7 phone.


The problem is the constant push notifications from his Xbox / MS account to the phone every 5 minutes 24/7 he is getting messages at the top of the phone (think they are known as 'toast' notifications) and I want to turn them off!


I can't find any notification settings on the phone. On the Xbox under preferences; I can turn off in game / video notifications but nowhere mentions about phone push notifications.


Anyone have any ideas??


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Cheers Y'


We've now checked:


Xbox live account

MS Account

Windows Phone Account

MSN account....


Why can't they just have one account to service the lot??? It's the same MS login.


Anyway..still haven't found the solution, will keep looking.

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Nigel, I am disappoint. A Win Phone? :'(



Parenting failure I'm afraid.


He's part of the Microsoft generation...Xbox, W8 and the phone.


To be fair the windows phone OS is pretty slick but it aint Kitkat!

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