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Mint 16 Cinnamon not starting after reboot


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Rebooted my system and now Mint 16 Cinnamon won't start. It gets to the screen that says "Linux Mint" with 4 dots below. The dots change color like it's trying to load but it just hangs there. It will boot from the cd to the options menu after the LM logo. I haven't gone any further because I don't want to lose anything.

Any ideas?

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I am certainly no expert and I have learned a lot from this forum, especially in regards to my post about a continually failed boot, but could there have been a kernel update?


Of the 17 times I did a fresh install and failed all 17 times, it was the kernel update that was the problem, especially in regards to corresponding with the Graphics Driver. See my post: Kubuntu boots to black screen no cursor after kernel updates.


I believe on my NVidia computer I did get the exact same problem that you did on one occasion. It is because I was not able to update the Graphics Driver to correspond with the new kernel.


From what I have learned from the outstanding support I have received from the brilliant individuals here on this Forum, every time there is a kernel update you have to update the corresponding Graphics Driver so it can work with the new kernel BEFORE rebooting.

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