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Please explain unusual result in Overdrive & PCMatic tests


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I have run both PCMatic and Overdrive:

The individual results of each component seems to be OK but the overall rating of the computer is not, could you please explain this.


In brief the CPU, RAM, Video,3D Video and disk are ranked at 1% but the computer is ranked at 17%.


The results of the Overdrive tests are here:-





both Overdrive and PCMatic identify the CPU as "Intel #306c3" it is supposed to be Intel i7 4770K

and neither identify the C: drive as an SSD (a pair of OCZ Vectors in RAID 0)


Thank you for your help.


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For some reason your OverDrive results are skipping the Internet test, so that is adding a "0" into the scoring matrix. The score is based on 1+1+1+1+1+0/6 or 5/6=.8333, or the top 17%.


An Intel #306c3 is the Intel i7 4770K, it just needs to be translated into English. I have requested an update to the CPU tables.


Neither OverDrive nor PC Matic can read the drive names through a RAID array. However both got it right as far as detecting the array and recognizing that it is using SSD's. Under 'Installed Hardware', 'Disk Drives', OverDrive is showing:


DiskDrive Intel Raid 0 Volume SCSI Disk Device

DiskDrive Intel Raid 0 Volume SCSI Disk Device

DiskDrive Intel Raid 0 Volume SCSI Disk Device


Your PC Matic scan results for that computer are showing under 'SSD Optimization':


PC Matic now has an array of features to make your SSD drive last longer and run faster.


Test ......... Result

ACHI Mode = Enabled

TRIM = Enabled

Scheduled Defrag = Disabled

Defrag Service = Stopped

Defrag Service Startup Mode = Disabled


PC Matic is detecting the RAID array as using SSD's, otherwise the 'SSD Optimization' entry would read "No Solid State Drives were found."

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