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SuperShield-Bad but Allowed


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Having just installed SuperShield. I was ready to see what it has.

I am unaware how I was redirected to AVG but it Hi-Jacked my Search provider Google. I don't suppose AVG Search is considered Malware but ""SuperShield allowed AVG to Hijack Google"" What??


I have had "Search LLC" hijack my search provider. It can be easily recitified in add-ons.


Isn't SuperShield supposed to "NOT" allow this sort of hijacking?


I have been using PcPitstop PcMatic, Optimise and another feature "Nitro" for 3 years.

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SuperShield stops malicious executable files.


As you stated, AVG Search is not a virus, however products such as toolbars and search engines may get installed on your computer if they were bundled with a program that you were downloading and failed to deselect them, or if you visited a web site that is using those products.. There are multiple "search providers" that may be considered to be potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) to have installed on the computer, but are not malware and are actually installed along with something else that the user does want, mainly because the opt out is intentionally not clear.


As you know, most search providers are easily removed through Add/Remove Programs or Tools>Manage Add-Ons in the browser settings.

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Recently I renewed my PcMatic for another year and tried SuperShield. My question is what does it mean in the activity log ""BAD BUT ALLOWED?""



"Bad but allowed" means that SuperShield blocked the file as being bad, but the user chose to override SuperShield and let it run anyway.

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