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Kubuntu boots to black screen no cursor after installing updates 1/15/

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Lubuntu seems to be working fairly well. Except for this issue:


My CPU usage is always at 100%. Always.



Is there a way to find out what application is causing the high CPU? Top shows nothing eating up the CPU. Even at idle my CPU is at 100%. Never changes. Never goes down. Always at 100% no matter what.
%Cpu(s): 35.2 us, 64.8 sy These two figures always add up to 100% no matter what. If one goes down in value the other immediately goes up to equal 100%. Always.
Is this harmful to the CPU? Is there a fix?
No applications are freezing as a result and, actually, Lubuntu is running better than it was right at first. But the high CPU usage does bother me and I am not sure what is causing the issue.

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