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Universal USB Installer to the rescue!


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Right, so I already had a Ubuntu Live DVD installer on a USB key, but that was well before all this crap started with my Seagate drive going out in the tower, and the laptop doing the same thing, so I made a boot disk within the Live CD environment there and it worked OK. It ran fine up until the point I plug it into this dormant HP tower when I get "Boot Error" and then "Remove Disks or Other Media, Then Press Any Key to Restart".


So then I looked around and found my answer... Universal USB installer to the rescue!


There, I was slightly confused over what version of Ubuntu 13.10 it was downloading, as the system is 64-bit, but you have to remember, that system still has a bad RAM slot, so it would not realize it's full potential, so I let it download the 32-bit version anyway. However, the machine was still giving me heck as the 24-pin ATX connector would not sit still! I had to use duct tape to hold it down.


Actually, why I chose this route was because there is no DVD-ROM disc drive in the PC. But the installation actually got stuck until I hit the Start button on my keyboard, and then pressed the Space bar. The "Check disk for defects" kept telling me it had 1 file with errors on it! It still installed anyway.


This computer may be added to my Folding@Home cluster and can be run without a keyboard, mouse, or monitor, and has been set to automatic log-in. However, the EIDE hard drive has run longer than the brand-new ones that I have in both my laptop and in my much-bigger tower, so there's the question of reliability down the line.

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