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Windows XP users who want to save their machines

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Thanks for the info, KurtBleach.


The person who owns this laptop is a senior citizen that cannot afford to buy a Windows XP CD, much less an HP computer.




Great link!! Thanks!!


Was looking for something like that last night, but I wasn't with it, and gave up. Have had one heck of a cold for at least a week, and the frigid temperatures here are not helping. Keep getting it back instead of getting rid of it.


Downloading the CD for XP might do the trick, I hope!!

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Thanks, Jacee!


What is installed is an XP picked up from the street (so to speak). There is nothing "Lenovo" in the machine...

She also has no Product Key, and the COA was ripped off the back. There is no sticker there.


Great machine, uh??

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