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not really, in my opinion.

any and all password checkers usually always log anything entered into them, therefore your unique super strong password that may have been secure before could now be part of any attack programs database so no longer secure.


such programs are fun but never ever use your real passwords in them to test strength.


here's a good site in my opinion to explain about passwords and strength along with a tester, but again even tho i believe this is a very safe site and doesn't log your password like the last does, i still wouldn't enter my real passwords into it anyway.




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Information We Collect

Microsoft collects many kinds of information in order to operate effectively and provide you the best products, services and experiences we can.

We collect information when you register, sign in and use our sites and services. We also may get information from other companies.

We collect this information in a variety of ways, including from web forms, technologies like cookies, web logging and software on your computer or other device.

Are you really sure they are not logging anything, because their own terms say yep they are, and they also say they give it to others ;)



How We Use Your Personal Information

Microsoft uses the information we collect to operate, improve and personalize the products and services we offer.

We also may use the information to communicate with you, for example, informing you about your account and security updates.

And we may use the information to help make the ads you see on our ad-supported services more relevant.

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