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Microsoft Mathamatics


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Microsoft used to sell a program called Mathematics. Now it is offering it for free. This is a very capable program that can solve equations, draw graphs, do calculus, and more. It's perfect for students and those who encounter math problems. If you don't need it yourself, be sure to send the link to your children and/or grandchildren. It's an amazing program with a free price tag.

The old Microsoft Mathematics program used to sell for big dollars. Now Microsoft is giving it away - no costs and no strings attached. They have even introduced a new version for 2011. While Mathematics is aimed at students, it is also great for anyone that does math calculations, including realtors, construction personnel, etc.

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Nice find.


Just a note....If you are running Windows 8 (Or 8.1) you need to also download .net framework 3.5 to get it to work. If you check out the system requirements on the downloads page there is a link to it.

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The product page referenced by kburra appears to no longer exist. You can still use these links.


Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 — Microsoft Download Center



Teacher's guide (direct download)



Add-in for Word and OneNote (2013)


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