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"Picture" your Personal Security


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Not sure if this is the best section, but here goes.


With todays phones, and even camera's now, people think nothing of taking a picture and uploading it online, BUT, are you aware of the ability of these devices that have GPS technology built to actually add the location of where the picture was taken ?


Geo Tagging is a great feature if you need it, but if your at home, and say you snap away at Xmas, then upload them, it's quite possible you can be telling people where you live, because they just need to view the properties of the picture, and they could get your location via the Geo Tag the cameraphone added to it, mine even includes the weather at the time it was taken.


Some web sites possibly wipe this info when you upload it, I know Photobucket does, so think twice before uploading a picture, more so if you upload from the device directly.

The way to make sure your not giving away more detailsinfo than you think is to do the following, but it needs to be done on a PC, so all pictures need to be saved to your PC first.


Once they are all on the PC, highlight ALL of them, then right click on them, and select properties, Click on the Details Tab, this then shows all the type of info there, if you want to see specifically what a picture can tell repeat this but only select the single picture you want to check out, anyway at the bottom you will see a link, that say's Remove All Properties, click on that and it wipes all the details on the images, then you can upload with the peace of mind you wont get that mad stalker you had an argument online with doesn't come knocking on your door lol


Obviously there are times you may want to keep such data, say from an accident, pretty essential there to have that info recorded as well, it could get you out of trouble if the other person gives incorrect details, other times are bragging rights, say your on holiday, and by a world famous landmark or something, it can help prove you were really there, but photo's from home are the time you do NOT want people to be able to find your location, but following the above keeps you safe from that happening, so stay safe people. :boxing:

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Good Advice.


I get really peeved by sites like Facebook and Google+ that by default want to automatically upload all pictures taken. This is not a feature...it's an invasion of my privacy!! Especially if I have geo coding on. I know they say no one can see the pics until you share them...but I don't trust these guys.


So as well as your advice; I would also add - Check your settings for social media sites etc and turn "Auto-Upload" off.

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Good catch, I have never used any such service, but I know there is the ability to do it, but I have no idea how it is processed, hence above saying the safe way is load all to the PC first, then you can be sure of wiping that info, but didn't know (as I don't use it) they have an auto option on uploading pictures without you telling them to use them, but via PC is the safest way to be sure what they get IMHO, so your tip is a valuable step as well. :tup:

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