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Alfa WiFi adapters


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Just curious if anyone here has ever tried/used these before.




With support for Windows XP being done soon, I plan to make permanent switch to Linux alone. Had a friend suggest Alfa USB WiFi adapters for best compatibility and functionality in Linux.


I'm currently using a Cisco Valet AM10:



Got mine for $15 at Microcenter though. The real pain about it is the self install feature, which, is nice for Windows users. The driver is loaded in the device itself, it doubles as a WiFi adapter and flash drive both in one. The problem is trying to use it in Linux, it gets misidentified as a storage device.. not seen as a wireless adapter.


Should I go with one of the Alfa ones, or consider something else?

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Oh right, sorry about that.. I really should know better by now :mrgreen:


Leaning towards this one with RTL8187L chipset and says native Linux support.



Also considered this one, but I haven't had such great luck with Atheros chipset adapters in the past.


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My PayPal account has been frozen so I'm not able to order the Alfa adapter right now, but... I have a friend who is willing to give me 1 USB wireless N adapter for free. He sells them on eBay and says he makes more than enough profit from sales that he can spare one (he owes me a favor any way). I can choose from either a Buffalo Technology Airstation N300 or an Asus USB-N13 Pro.


The Buffalo Tech is this one:



It says best compatible with Buffalo Tech wireless routers (shameless promotion)... we use Linksys E3200 dual band router. It doesn't say anything about Linux support nor does it list the chipset.


Not sure if it's the same one, but a google search got me the following result:



The Asus is this one:



It specifies Linux compatibility but only lists RedHat 9.0 with kernel 2.4 and Ubuntu 9.04 or Fedora 10 with kernel 2.6 or better I assume.

Same info is specified at linux hcl



If the adapter is listed as compatible with RedHat, Ubuntu and Fedora it shouldn't be any problem in OpenSuSE right?

I'm leaning towards taking the Asus one.

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