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This may not be new to a lot of XP Users but it worked for me. I was having a problem updating XP Pro at Windows Update as well as the Automatic Updates. At WU, it kept telling me that the ActiveX wasn't installed & there was no option to install it. The Automatic Updates kept running svchost.exe & maxing out my CPU so I had to shut both down.


I used a work-around to find out what updates were missing by using Belarc Advisor. Once I found them, I started manually downloading & installing them. There were quite a few. I would check with WU every now & then & at one point was offered the ActiveX which I installed. I was then shown a "New" WU which I followed to here:




Make sure you are using IE as default browser when you go there.


I followed the instructions & installed ALL the "Critical" updates. Belarc now reports I have no updates missing. Worked for me. :)


That's the way I see it anyhow. :P






Hawk :b33r:

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Hi and :wpcm:


When you say PC Matic; do you mean the software or the forums?

What operating system are you running? What browser is your default?


You've dug up an 6 year old post - IE8 probably hasn't been supported for a while and will be full of security holes so if you are using that I suggest switching to FF or Chrome.

If you are still running XP then you have a bigger problem!!

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6 hours ago, Ray Long said:

This is one of my problems can"t get Pc Matic to open in Internet explorer. I tried downloading the old version 8 used with windows XP. I need some help here.

Thank you

Ray E. Long

Hola @Ray Long


I see you're a new customer, so thanks for your interest in our software! 


To reinstall PC Matic or install the program on an additional computer, download and install the program by clicking the link below: 



Once the program is installed, launch the application, and login to run the scan.  For PC Matic, you only need to login with the same registered email address , and password as was previously used for the original installation.  Do not click on the 'Register' or 'Edit' option or otherwise try to use the license key again.  To reset your password click the link below: 



If you do not receive the link to reset the password in just a few minutes, be sure to check your junk mail folders both on the local email client and also at the online email program.

Your registered e-mail address is the same that you used here on the forums.


To install SuperShield directly click the link below:



Click the link below for a video guide for adding computers. 




If this does not solve your problem, please open a trouble ticket at our help desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx 🤠

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