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Windows RT 8.1 bricking devices

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Microsoft has pulled Windows RT 8.1 after it has bricked devices.




Microsoft simply calls it a "situation"




It all probably could have been avoided if Microsoft didn't refuse to release the RTM to developers before it's release.



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Well Terry for the average windows tablet buyer/user that is bricked.


The instructions you posted may well work, but you need to remember who is buying these things and their level of ability/skills is just barely above a store window mannequin.

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yes but you and i know that when somethings "bricked" it means there's nothing you can do with it except send it back to manufacturer for repair or use it as a doorstop. :laughing:


can't remember exactly but i think samsung laptops got well and truly bricked a while back by booting uefi or something and needed returning for new repair because of the way samsung had wrongly implemented or ignored the uefi standards on their machines. :rofl3:



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