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Oxynger KeyShield Portable 1.1.0 [free/donationware]


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Oxynger KeyShield is a secure, anti-screenshot and free virtual keyboard designed to protect passwords and other sensitive information from malicious programs and hacking. Oxynger KeyShield protects its keystrokes from keystroke logging, screen logging, mouse logging and shoulder surfing. It is the most effective protection in the world against highly sophisticated keyloggers, spywares and trojan-horses used for password hacking and online financial transaction theft. It uses different key layouts for each user of the software to provide protection from mouse logging. Keyloggers are the main tool used for password hacking and online financial theft. Unlike other security programs, Oxynger KeyShield protects keystrokes from all types of keyloggers. With Oxynger KeyShield, you can enter passwords and other confidential information to computer safely and confidently.


Thanks go to Infopackets.

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