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Connecting Android Phone to PC via Bluetooth

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I bought a bluetooth dongle, It looks like a very tiny usb flash drive. It's properly installed on a windows 7 pc. The blue icon with the bluetooth logo is on the main bar.


The problem is that my pc and phone refuse to "join hands"? It keeps saying the passkey is wrong. Where is it and where do I put that info in?


I do not have an instruction booklet for the phone?



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see if this helps you.



When your device is detected, click on the phone’s icon to connect. You may be asked to enter in a security pin. Enter something easy like ’1234′. You phone will then ask you to enter in said pin. This is not a specific number but rather done just for paring purposes. Once you have done this correctly the connection will be established as though the phone were connected via USB cable.




You need to make sure the Android phone is set up for Bluetooth use as well. The steps will vary based on the version of Android being used, but you can usually find them in the Settings area, under “Wireless & networks.” Google has sample steps for turning on Bluetooth and pairing the phone with other Bluetooth devices in Android 2.3 and Android 4.0; your phone’s manual should also have the information.




(Some devices require a pin number, check your instructions for it. Common pin numbers are; 0000, 1111, 1234, last 4 digits of the serial number).




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I wouldn't bother with bluetooth, if it's an android phone install Airdroid from the playstore:




Much more intuitive than bluetooth.


I finally upgraded to a smartphone in July (S4) and downloaded a couple off apps right away that seemed useful. But when it came to utilities I saw that there were many - and I was clueless in regards to which ones were worth pursuing. I think it was you that mentioned Lockout. I downloaded it and like it. Now you've mentioned this one, I bookmarked it, and I downloaded it this morning. Again - another great find.


I did a search to find this post and I see that Bruce first mentioned it. I didn't have a smartphone at that time so I paid little attention to it. So credit should go to both of you - keep letting us know about those apps that y'all consider 'a cut above the rest'





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