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Sneak Peak at the iPhone 5S...


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Apple has wayyyyy.... overrated themselves

I can say I dis-like Microsoft because of all the crap we put up with ,But I know that I can say I hate Apple because not only do we have to put up with their crap too, they are starting to annoy the hell out of me

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i'll be upgrading from my htc one s to either the new htc one or the galaxy s4...can't decide...both same price.


Maybe this will help:




I'm a Galaxy fanboy..have the S1 and the S3 - so in my unbiased opinion.....check out the now Sony Experia!

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I have always disliked the way Apple treats customers, remember the "buy this firmware upgrade to magically get Bluetooth" ?

I have always been a Nokia fan, this comes from the days where anything you wanted you could easily get, where other phones it was near impossible most of the time, but I refuse to use a Windows 8 phone, as such I now have my 1st ever non Nokia phone.


I was looking between the HTC One and the S4, and initially I didn't know what to think, they both had great factors going for them, so I went to the store, there is no other way to tell for sure when you are that close between phones, so I had a play with both, and quite frankly the main points that I picked up on was the HTC felt like quality, the single piece machined case really felt solid. but it also was very easy to slip out of my hand, of course this is easily countered with a silicone cover or similar, but that was my first thought when handling it.


There were 2 things that really put me off it as well as the weightslipping out of hand (with declining health my hands aren't all that these days), the menu was a single scroll screen, so just one mega list of stuff, I personally find that a difficult way to find something, it's to easy to fly past it, and when put side by side the S4 was visually bigger in screen size, and if using a smart phone for what it's able to do, this can make a really big difference to some.


Now the S4 took my winning vote with it's menu and screen size, OK in physical dimensions they are not that far apart, but look at them side by side and the S4 shows out, then the menu system, it's a page at a time, so you are more likely to find what you want IMO, others may differ, I guess it's a case of what your used to, for me it was single pages, the downside is the plastic feel to the phone, if dropped you fear it may break, but odds on this has been taken into account with the design, but if looking for a negative, this could be it, word has it the next generation will be like the HTC single cast body, but time will tell.


Mine also came with the S View cover, it's very thin, as it replaces the original back cover, and simply has a thin flap that flips over, this is a double edged sword, design wise it's a great idea, simply opening the flap can wake up the phone to do any pre-set functions that you care for, as best I can tell anyway, it's my 1st Android, so have a lot to take in.


But when trying to take a picture this becomes a real pain IMHO, the buttons are placed in such a way that trying to reach them with the flap round the back is hard, as it has a small bulgehinge for want of a better word, so much so I am probably going to remove it and use the normal back cover, I have already put a "military grade" screenbody cover on it, so scratches etc. should not affect the physical phone, fantastic fit, but seriously if going for this, watch the video link they give you several times before starting, it's quite complex.


But the features are so numerous it will take ages to learn, one feature I do like, I don't know if other phones have it as well, but you can set it by a press of the 2 volume buttons to send an SOS, it can be set to a selection of numbers you choose, it will take a picture front and rear camera, and send location details asking for help and showing the situation, brilliant idea IMHO.


One last point if it helps, can't say about the HTC, but the S4 has the highest (bar 1 point) rating for protection against dust and water (fluid) that can be given to meet the IP67 rating, and when you consider the amount of liquid damage phones there are, this gives you some peace of mind, more so if you have had a mishap yourself, you will appreciate that safety net, so not sure if this helps anyone out, but that's my take on this, hope it helps.

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that article made my decision even harder lol



I know. There really isn't much between any of the top phones these days. I think 8210guy makes a valid point of going to the nearest shop and picking them up and getting a feel for the phone. I've got another 12 months before I can upgrade so who knows what will be available.

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I'm looking towards the next Nexus for my new phone. Samsung has gotten too big for their britches w/their overboard "features", their own content delivery system and implementation of Knox to prevent would be users from doin w/the devices THEY purchased as they see fit.


I'm just done w/the OE overlay's, restrictions and failure to or untimely release of source so aftermarket firmwares can be created and made stable.

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