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Learn how to cancel your online accounts


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Learn how to cancel your online accounts

Have you ever tried to cancel, say, your Pandora account? Then you know what a hassle it can be. First you have find the cancellation page, which isn’t exactly easy, then fill out an email form.

This is standard practice with a lot of Web services, which work hard to get you signed up and are understandably reluctant to see you go. Though some make it easier than others to cancel an account, it can definitely be a time-consuming process.

JustDelete.me provides links to the cancellation pages for hundreds of services, from Adobe to Zoho. And it color-codes each listing so you know at a glance whether it's easy, medium, hard, or even impossible to cancel.

All you do is click the name of any service you want to leave; that'll immediately take you to the corresponding cancellation page. Before you do so, however, you may want to clickShow Info, which provides a brief overview of the requirements and/or policy for that service.

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