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TVersity • Play media on TV and mobile devices


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Play your entire media collection on TV and mobile!
Access your personal Internet content from sites like YouTube, Flickr and Picasa!
Go Pro and gain access to any web page with Flash video!
Personalize your library with tagging, content discovery wizards, and a web browser toolbar!
Devices with DLNA / UPnP A/V or just a web browser and a media player all just work!
Game consoles, Set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, Networked TVs, phones and tablets!
Overcome device limitations effortlessly with automatic on-the-fly transcoding!
Your device is not officially supported? Chances are that our user community supports it!
How it works
1. Install TVersity on a PC/laptop
2. With DLNA or UPnP A/V devices, TVersity is automatically discovered and ready for use
3. With a web browser and media player, just point your browser to the PC running TVersity
4. Navigate your library and play any media, TVersity makes sure it just works!
Thanks to Infopackets.


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