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Windows XP keeps losing wireless internet connection

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Hello , everyone. I've been having some problems with my laptop with Windows XP (Pentium 4 , 1GB RAM , Gateway 7330 GZ).


While I am using Firefox (latest version) every 2 or 3 pages the computer loses internet. I have already tested both IE and Chrome , and both show the same issue. The only way to alleviate the problem is to repair the connection , and that only works for a while until it shows up again. However , this problem does not occur while using an Ethernet cable. My computer was working fine a few weeks ago.


No other computer on my network has this issue , so I believe it must be the computer. The wireless adapter is using the latest drivers. I have already scanned with both Windows defender and Malwarebytes , which did pick up two PUP's from some music software I had installed. I promptly uninstalled the music software after removing the PUP's and rebooted. The computer does not have any current viruses.


I checked the firewall settings and Firefox is listed as an exception. I am really not quite sure where else to look for a solution , so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your attention!

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Have you tried another wireless adaptor?


Has anything changed that could affect the signal, maybe new speakers a new microwave?


Maybe a neighbours wireless is interfering, have you tried different wireless channels ?


As it works via ethernet, it does point to an issue with either the adaptor or the actual signal.

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When you do reset the wireless, how many bars does the wireless show?

Several different factors affect your wireless, location, other devices the use the same 2.4 ghz band including wireless phones and microwave ovens. Also if your in a city and you can see a lot of other wireless sites available them the channel your on might be over crowded from all the neighbors wireless routers too. most have a default channel of 6 or 11. You can try to change the channel to something different from within the routers settings.

Updating the routers firmware can often help too, if your router is really old....might be time to upgrade

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I do have some adapters lying around , so I'll give that a try. I haven't had any new electronics lately that could interfere with the signal ; however , changing the channel seems like it would help.


When the connection it repaired , it has an "excellent" 4 to 5 bars signal strength.

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