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Any Internet browser not working

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I am new to this site so I hope you can bear with me while I explain. My dad had used his laptop (hp, not sure model) in admin mode to cruse the net (I know not smart.) after he lost his networking drivers , I reinstalled them and go it working again. Setup a an guest acct to go cruise the net to keep the problem from coming back. Now a couple of weeks later ever installed browser installed on the computer will not connect to the net. Checked the modem and router (it does show connectivity and good signal)and with another computer I can get online. I am not a professional IT guy, but can manage to fumble my way through and get a computer back up and running. This time I am stumped! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Try this:

Copy and paste these lines in Note pad.

@Echo onpushdwindowssystem32driversetcattrib -h -s -r hostsecho localhost>HOSTSattrib +r +h +s hostspopdipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewipconfig /flushdnsnetsh winsock reset allnetsh int ip reset allshutdown -r -t 1del %0Save as flush.bat to your desktop.Double click on the flush.bat file to run it. Vista and Windows 7... right click the .bat file and choose to run as Administrator. Your computer will reboot itself.


Let us know how you make out...






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I followed the advice you have me and it did reboot the computer. I tried to launch the Internet browsers( google chrome,Mozilla Firefox , and IE) and they don't seem to work. Chrome tells me that the DNS lookup failed. The code you had me type into note pad did have something in it to flush DNS if I am not mistaken? I know that the hp laptop is needing a virus protection program ASAP but without being able to connect to the net makes it a little harder. Any ideas and I thank you for your time in helping me!

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