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Hello, when I try to open my yahoo email I get this error that javascript in not enabled in your browser, so I go to the page that it tells me to go to and follow the directions, internet options, security, and then check that javascript is enabled and it is already enabled. yet I keep getting the same error even though I re installed java. I don't know what else to do. I am running windows 7 ultimate 32bit, explorer 10 and everything is updated. please help thx very much.


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ah, right...crap explorer 10.




disable all of your toolbars and other add-ons, see if it still occurs.


try chrome or firefox or another browser to see if the issue is with internet explorer or something else.

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Did you have this problem before updating to Internet Explorer 10? If not, just uninstall the update and roll back to Internet Explorer 9.

There are alot of web sites that do not function correctly on IE 10.



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