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Xinorbis • Windows-based data storage analyser [free]


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Xinorbis is a completely FREE, powerful Windows-based data storage analyser. Analyse a hard drive, folder, USB disk or any other attached storage system and get valuable information on the contents and distribution of files.
Xinorbis uses a sophisticated mix of graphs (pie/bar fully customisable), tables and tree displays to give the user a complete overview of the contents of any available storage device.
Xinorbis produces very detailed scans of hard disks, USB disks and any other attached storage device. It likes to scan a location in full before showing any results; this might make it seem slower than the competition, but's it really isn't.
The Folder History feature allows the user to see and compre the results of any previous scan on a specific folder.
It is also very powerful, it is recommended that you read the manual!
Xinorbis is installed with seven language packs!
- - - -
Thanks to Infopackets.
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