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Ethernet socket problems

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My son has a Philips Freevents Desktop PC, running Windows XP.

I had to re format it yesterday and now have internet connection issues, when I plug the ethernet plug into the socket, the small LED's don't light up telling me there's a connection. I have tried going into device manager and un-installing the drivers for it, but that doesn't work, I tried to look for drivers on the internet but they don't work either.

Has anyone any ideas as to how to solve this problem.




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HI Paul :wp:


Do you have an amber light, but no green light at the socket?

What is the other end of the cat5 cable plugged into? A hub, router or modem?

Try a different port if it's a router, if it's a hub, try by-passing it and go directly into the modem.


You said that you've re-installed the drivers through Device Manager, when viewing the network device there, does it appear properly installed, or is there a yellow "!" exclamation mark or a code 10 listed?


:) Y

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