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Turn Your Windows 8 Laptop Into A Wireless Access Point


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A lot of companies are starting to sell portable 3G routers that you can take with you when you go out, but what happens when you forget, luckily How-To Geek is here to save the day with this neat command line trick.

what a useless guide in my honest opinion.


3g uses the telephone network to connect to the internet, therefore you can get on the "net" nearly anywhere using them which you can't with just your laptop relying on wifi hotspots alone.


so by turning your laptop into another wi-fi hot spot doesn't magically get you onto the internet, in fact you and everyone who connects through you are still not connected to the internet unless you can find a local wi-fi hot spot to connect your laptop to in the first place.


yes you do not need a 3g router anyway, when all you really need is to be able to tether your laptop to a 3g phone but that is not the problem the guide says it fixes.


if you followed this guide then your still up a creek without a paddle as far as getting onto the internet if you've left your 3g usb router device at home unless your lucky enough to be near an open wifi hotspot.



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