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Used public WiFi places while traveling - now all our computers have v


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All our problems began when we used public WiFi places while traveling. We checked our main email accounts there. When we got home, but before we realized that someone had gained access to our email, we checked our email accounts on our home desktop computers. Then all 3 of our computers became infected. I do not understand at all how this happens. How does it get from our laptop to our other desktops? I really want to understand so we can prevent it from happening again when we travel, which we will be doing again at the end of July. While traveling, we checked our main email accounts. That was all we did. When we checked them after ariving home, there were some weird looking emails in there, sort of like a foreign language. We deleted those without opening them. But my husband opened one that had his name in the subject line. But he did not click on the link inside it, he just deleted it.

As we tried using our computers it became obviuos that we had something on them...vurus, spyware, ?? I don't remember exactly what was happening, but our computers were just not 'right'. Since then, I had been running many different scans, both the online ones and others that I downloaded and ran then deleted.


But I really need help to clean my husband's 2 computers....laptop and desktop. I will wait until someone can help me and tell me what to do.


Thank you.

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Please do not download and run anything else EXCEPT for what you get in instructions from some of the pros here...

Now then, on the husbands PC, go to post #8 here > http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/201661-computer-being-wiped-out/&do=findComment&comment=1772436 and follow Jacee's instructions for downloading and running AdWareCleaner

If the virus or whatever won't let you download the program you might try renaming it to anoldlady.exe then save and run it. If that fails try downloading it in Safe mode w/Networking.

Post back with the AdWareCleaner log.






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