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End of my tether with windows 7 PC Internet connection?

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Ok here goes. I have a windows 7 Packard Bell PC, it has been working fine for a couple of years, but 4 weeks ago I bought a new printer HP Laserjet. All worked fine then after two weeks the pc did an auto HP software update and it stopped printing, connected by USB cable. In the end the only a system restore solved the problem. Al has worked fine since. Then last Monday, 17th June, on start up my PC would not recognise Internet server. It shows it is connected to the router (wirelessly via USB key) I tried a few fixes, none worked, so I did a system restore to the day before, this solved it and all ha worked fine for a week. I turned on my PC again his morning and guess what. No Internet. I have literally tried everything I have read on he various forums, including uninstalling everything to do with Internet and reinstalling it, etc etc. the computer is connected to the router, which clearly works as my iPad, iPhone, Samsung mobile and MacBook all connect perfectly using the same router. Please help as I have wasted an entire working day trying to solve this problem.

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these things I would do if it my box


A. if your hardwired to a router or modem change out your cable with a fresh one or one that you know is in working order

B. if your wireless to your router or modem connect with a cable and see what happens


C. Uninstall Programs


1. go to add remove programs and sort it by date with most recent at the top

2. take note of what you do by writing down each program you uninstall per #3 below

3. uninstall anything that has installed back to the new printer installation

4. restart the system

5. completely unistall every single thing that has to do with the printer

6. restart the box

7. run a complete and thorough cleaner such as CCleaner (include the Index Dat deletion)

8. restart the box

9. download and install the most recent available printer software for your printer from the HP website

10. restart the box

11. turn off the auto-update feature for the printer software

12. check the internet connection

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Hello Dave. Many thanks for your reply. Being impatient and absolutely needing my PC first hung today I carried out a System restore. Ll works fine at the moment. The only thing I can see that changed from its working status was a windows update on 22nd.

I realise the system restore was a temporary fix, so if anyone has any ideas on where I can begin to check the system over to prevent the same thing happening again, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks.



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