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A nice little app that allows you to connect any android phone to your PC and use it's internet connection. (Even if your carrier doesn't allow it) such as tracfone, tmobile, straight talk.........


It is a pretty straight forward process on linux anyways.


Download easytether from the android market. Run the application, it will ask you what operating system you use aka windows, mac, linux......... you then download the app for your OS. Copy it to your computer.


Install the app on your PC.


Turn on debugging on your phone. Enable easyteher usb tethering.


Now on the PC "linux" in my case open a terminal and log in as root, run the command easytether enumerate.


That will give you the usb number of the device, now run the command easytether connect "your number here"


Now open a second terminal and run dhclient easytether0 then dhcpcd easytether0


Open a web browser and you should be up and running!

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