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My laptop wont connect to my wireless internet

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i dont no much about laptops, i know a little, but i recently had my internet hub changed over due to fault and it wont connect to my laptop now. there is two laptops in the house and a playstation3 and the playstation 3 and the other laptop connect fine but mines wont? im currently connected to my next door neighbours (have permission). whats more annoying when i hook an ethernet cable from the wireless router to the laptop it works and when i take it out it stops! ive tried rebooting the modem, tried searching for the internet on the laptop, tried typing it in manually but nothing! helpp please!

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What is the make and model of the laptop? What Operating System?

Something you could try...

In Win SP or Win 7/Vista go into Device Manager and locate the network controller/adapter, right click and uninstall. Reboot and let Windows re-install the device. Any help?






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