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WiFi Connection Issue

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Ever since running my first PC Pitstop cleanup I have had WiFi connection issues. Whenever I try to connect I find that I am connected to a WiFi network, and when I try to apply the manufacturer fix of holding down the Fn key and press F2, that does absolutely nothing. Since running this program, now every time I connect to the Internet I have to right click the internet indicator (bars), click troubleshoot (where it reminds me I am not connected but fails to recommend fix it options), then it determones a fix and I then click "apply fix", and then I am able to connect. I must do this every time I want to connect, and this never happened until immediately running PC Pitstop on my laptop.

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I reviewed all of the changes made to your computer by PC Matic and cannot find anything that would be related to the wifi function. You can also review all of the changes by opening PC Matic and clicking on History, then click on the icon for each scan date.


In order for us to get some more information, please open a ticket at our help desk. You can open a ticket from here:



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