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Raidcall • Group communication software [free]


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Free & Light
  • [*]Setting up is fast and easy; with no need to rent or set up servers [*]Low CPU usage and minimum memory footprint allows for smooth, uninterrupted communication

Group Communication
  • [*]Hold up to 10,000 users at a time in a single RaidCall group [*]Hi-Fi quality voice chat from anywhere in the world [*]Flexible group management system [*]Additional features like voice recorder, poll, announcements, activity log, and more

Instant Messaging
  • [*]File transferring and screenshot sharing [*]Chat records [*]Personalized themes and Emoticons [*]more

Video Broadcast
  • [*]Share YouTube videos within RaidCall group [*]Chat within group while watching embedded Twitch and own3D streams

Social features
  • [*]Discover new online communities based on similar interests, games, and activities [*]Synchronize your RaidCall account with your Facebook and invite your friends to join your group

Fancy Features
  • [*]Special speaking modes fit for every occasion [*]Optional reverbs for music effects [*]Moderator system [*]Process your voice with soundcard or software media players

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Thanks to Infopackets.

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