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This Start Menu looks great. I just started using W8 a few weeks ago and I installed Classic Start menu to my computer which is working good, do you think it would be better to go Revive start menu or am I okay with what I have? Thank you!

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thanks kburra, i have been using this start button/menu replacement for quite awhile now and i do like it a lot. has a nice modern look to it that captures the windows 8 look very nicely. not that i am a big fan of the whole windows 8 panel thing....but i think this matches up well with it. easily configured, including some options for changing the look a bit.


i do not use windows very often, but do have win 8 installed on an ssd in this machine (very rarely touched) as well as running it in a virtual machine inside my main ubuntu installation (toyed with occasionally). i am using "start menu reviver" in both instances. i had tried a couple of other start menu replacements and was not real impressed with any of them. i have stuck with this one now for a few months and just wanted to say thanks for the link!

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