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MailMyFile - from the context menu [free]


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We are pleased to release MailMyFile. Do you find yourself mailing files to a particular email address very regularly? If so then freeware MailMyFile will make things a lot easier for you.
Simply download an install MailMyFile. Once you have downloaded the file and the installation is complete, a Settings box will open once.
Fill in the details including the email ID, password (The Passwords are encrypted before they are saved in settings.), Host (For example Hotmail is smtp.live.com, GMail is smtp.gmail.com, Yahoo is smtp.yahoo.com, etc.), Port details (The most common are port 25 and 587. So check your email settings to make sure), SendTo email address, Email title and message, etc.


The application will install to your UsernameDocumentsMailMyFile directory. It will add and entry to your right click context menu.
To mail this file to your regular email address, simply right click it and select Mail My File!



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