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HTML files do not open correctly

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I have this frustration since installing Win 7 X64 with IE 9, then IE 10. At first, before I wised up a little, I saved .htm and .html files as such. Now that I have realised the lack of solution to my problem, I only save as .txt or save from my email client.


When I try to open any file saved as .htm or .html using IE or FF, the browser does not show me the file as I saved it, but instead it tries, and fails, to go back to my Gmail account and open it there. I have tried various programs to open these files so that e.g. I can read a product key in a software registration file. The only software which comes any where near giving me what I need is "htmlastext", but it is rather cumbersome and slow to use.


I should add that I have no problem in opening these files from the inbox of my Gmail account; it is only when I have saved them to my HDD or SSD that the trouble begins.


It occurred to me that maybe a settng in Gmail is at fault, but found nothing which seemed to have any bearing on the matter. The same goes for settings in Windows, IE and FF. I have reinstalled Windows 3 or 4 times since the trouble started, but still the problem persists.


In the balmy days when I used Win XP and IE 8 and never had this problem, I little imagined that one day I would experience my present tears and frustration.


Can somebody please help me to get out of this ghastly mess?

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