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Picanom • Take quality webcam pictures online


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How it works?

It's free, easy and fun!

Just make sure your webcam is plugged in ;)

Step 1: Click on the SNAP! tab

Step 2: Point your webcam and take a picture

Step 3: Click on the picture you took and save or email it


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What a load of :yikes: rubbish. :facepalm: Not for me :laughing:




Think I'll stick with the software I already have, and keep the files stored on my PC. I really don't see the benefit of this, or am I missing something?

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I found this one while testing a new webcam. It was in a workplace environment, without admin privileges and stuff. No IM apps and all. I wanted to check the device and googled for online stuff. I tried about five before this one, and all needed Flash or Java, and none worked, only Picanom.


Well, whether it's worth using or not, you decide.


But maybe when you have no other camera available (point-and-shoot, smartphones, and the like) but have only a webcam and need to shoot some pics, well, maybe this can do.



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