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CPU & GPU question

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Sup guys, new to this forum looked awesome and I've been using it for awhile for bits and pieces of information in terms of games and hardware.So here's my issue.Im looking at a new laptop (high budget)Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro K5000m with 4GB GDDR5Processor: 3rd Gen Intel Core i7-3940XM(Extreme 3.0GHz, 8M cache)Ram 16GBWindows 8So here's my question I plan on runnning multiple games at once in this case SWTOR, WoW, Tera and multiple clients of these at once.Also I want to use this computer for work and do alot with VM's often.If you can't answer could you direct me somewhere or a place to read up on decreasing possible GPU perforamce (as I won't need in VM's) to increase my CPU performance?

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Multi-task like a champ. Gaming is just a sidefun for myself and sometimes I have long waits for que's and such so I can switch back and forth quickly.



Actually I am pushing more towards VM's. I am going to be using this at my job to showcase new software without fear of slowness, and its a massive program that requires alot of resources.



So thats why my question is it possible to reduce the GPU power and increase the CPU power more or less. If so what kind of software would I need or information. Thanks

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I guess the biggest gains would be to OC the CPU.


Add more RAM, that will depend on the version of W8 installed, i think W8 standard edition on 64bit will take 128gb, so it'll be down to the max your motherboard can support.


The more installed RAM, the more you can allocate to your VM's to ensure smoother running / multiple instances.


Also take note of Tx's comment about the GPU and what it was designed for.


I don't think you can 'steal'/divert RAM from the GPU to take some of the workload off the main installed RAM.

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